Giving in to Desire

Fanfic time.

Chapter 1

Reginald sat up as he awoke from his deep slumber. He ran his fingers through his dark brown hair and tried to recall what transpired before he went to sleep. Without any idea whatsoever entering his thoughts, he simply shrugged it off and figured it wasn’t as important as knowing where he was.
Speaking of which, where was he? He thought. He tried to stand up but he felt weak and his knees suddenly gave in. He immediately tried to steady himself by holding on to the edge of the bed for support. After a few seconds of struggling to regain his balance, he was finally able to compose himself properly and tried to recognize the rather large room he was in. But before he can even start on determining his present location, the door suddenly swung open revealing a moderately tall and well-built young man.
He slowly lifted his head as the man quickly walked towards him. Although he was also well-built, he was short and had to raise his gaze to meet the young man’s.
“YOU!!” The man exclaimed.
The one who approached him was his best friend – Gradlein. He did not understand why he was acting unlike his usually calm self so he figured that he must have done something terribly wrong to piss him off.
“Hey, missed me?” Reggie asked jokingly. Gradlein didn’t seem to hear him and instead pulled back his arm, revealing a closed fist that was about to strike. The succeeding punch was quick and unexpectedly heavy that he didn’t have much time to react. He was only able to soften the blow by shifting his weight and trying to fall backwards. He was succesful in doing so but he still slid back a few metres away from the impact of the punch.
He was serious, he thought as he tried to sit back up. “Hey! What was that for?” He asked, stunned at the behavior his friend had shown him.
“You..,” Grad started, trying to keep a steady voice, “…YOU F****NG IDIOT!!” Gradlein lunged at him again, the Wu Xia’s right leg bent and the knee was headed toward his face. The attacker’s eyes glowed a deep red like it was burning, just the same as his at this point. It showed that they were using their skills and talents to their utmost potential. The other members of their clan share the same abilty.
Reggie had dodged the attack by a hair’s-breadth by moving his head and torso sideways. He had predicted the direction of the attack and immediately avoided it. But it was still close. Too close.
Gradlein, who didn’t seem surprised at all by his evasion had a short grasp on the flow of time, making his movements quicker than they normally are. Before the Fa Shih even had time to react or foresee his movements, he had already nailed his neck with a quick backfist.
“You helped release the seal on a powerful demon and act dumb about it?! AARGHH!!” The Wu Xia shouted furiously at him. Reginald, without any recollection of events prior to his wake, did not understand what he was referring to.
The pain from the blow had left him dazed and he was starting to lose consciousness again. Finally, he was only able to mutter “I…did…?” before he collapsed on the floor and passed out silently.

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