Tarot Readings, Do You Believe ‘Em?

Let me take a break from the usual gaming related post and allow me to show you something that caught my interest just recently. Yes, I’m pretty sure Persona was the cause for this one but I visited one of those free tarot reading websites that you’ve probably encountered through several ads. Now before I continue, let me tell you guys that I never believed in astrology, fortune telling, or anything related to the occult. I find them interesting but I’ve never believed in them. Not once. Not even if it’s surprisingly accurate such as this one:

Click for Details The significator, not shown is the card you have chosen to embody your presence and the focus of the reading. Knight of Cups: The essence of water behaving as fire, such as a rushing river: A passionate romantic, full of charm and beauty, but prone to extremes. Forceful idealism blended with gentle kindness. An eager and intense person, forward with their emotions and tender in their support of others.
Click for Details The card at the top left represents how you see yourself. Nine of Pentacles (Gain): Good luck attending material affairs. Attaining refinement and embracing elegance. Discipline and nobility applied to the maintenance of security and stability. The wise use of resources and foresight. The fulfillment that comes with accomplishment, and the turning of attention to higher things.
Click for Details The card at the top right represents how you see your partner. The Devil: Being seduced by the material world and physical pleasures. Lust for and obsession with money and power. Living in fear, domination and bondage. Being caged by an overabundance of luxury. Discretion should be used in personal and business matters.
Click for Details The card in the center left represents how you feel about your partner. Ace of Wands: The seed of a new venture – perhaps as yet unseen. An opportunity to be met with boldness, vigor, and enthusiasm. The herald of birth, invention, or entrepreneurship. An innate and primal force released. May suggest a surge of vitality, creativity, or fertility that can set things in motion.
Click for Details The card in the center right represents what stands between you and your partner. Page of Pentacles: The essence of earth, such as a mountain: The surprising appearance of new prosperity and opportunities for advance in the physical world. One who delights in the pleasures of the body, material things, and nature. The embrace of hard work, realistic goals, and scholarly perseverance as a means to create solid achievement. Dependability, trust, and a studious nature. May portend a new job or promotion.
Click for Details The card in the lower left represents how your partner sees you. The Moon: Cyclic transformation covering the mysterious forces of the night. Feminine beauty and the intoxicating vitality of youth. The metamorphosis from beauty to beast and vice versa. Occult forces, sensitivities and intense dreams. Dangerous situations and perilous times.
Click for Details The card in the lower right represents what your partner feels about you. Ten of Cups (Satiety): Fulfillment and joy in life and love. Feeling peace, tranquility, and contentment in friends and family. Taking delight in one’s good fortune.
Click for Details The card in the center represents the present status or challenge of the relationship. Six of Pentacles (Success): A time of prosperity and profit. Success and generosity in material things. Power and influence turned to noble pursuits. Philanthropy, and the balancing of physical and spiritual life. May suggest gifts or aid to one in need.

The above actually shows how I currently see my current situation at this moment of posting. I still don’t believe it though since it’s pretty random. If I repeat the whole thing, it should give me a different result (and don’t give me that “the first one is always the truth” line). Anyway, this was taken from http://www.facade.com/tarot


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