Enjoying Rift

Well, since Rift: Planes of Telara¬†went down for some maintenance, I now have a bit of time to post. I must say I’m enjoying the game immensely and have been committing a lot of time in the game since I started playing. I play until midnight during weekdays and the whole day during weekends. I also joined a guild, the Immortal Council¬†because they seem to be a cool and mature bunch who caters to different play styles. PVP, Dungeon Raids, Rift Raids, RP…all of ’em. They seem to be more focused on PVE Raids at them moment but they still welcome the other stuff when it comes.

Nah. I'm not trying to smash Arnold's head in. I'm recalling back to Meridian.

Anyway, what makes Rift a lot better than WoW, in my humble opinion, is the dynamic world. Rifts, especially the invasions, can be really fun. An invasion may suddenly open in the area you are questing in but the next thing you know you’re already in a raid trying to close multiple rifts then taking down the boss after the first set of objectives. Some people say it gets tiresome after a while, but after hitting level 32 (the cap is 50), I’m still enjoying them.

Yep. "Shard first." Unbelievable.

The multiple souls feature is also a good thing. Out of the 4 callings, you get to pick 3 souls from 9 different options so there’s a lot of flexibility in the character builds. Some people get their fun from min/maxing which may limit the builds to certain souls and skills, but for most players it’s pretty entertaining.

Of course, there are also downsides to the game. When Rift went commercial, Trion opened so many different shards (servers), that some of them became barely populated a month or two after launch (some players leave after the free month). I started in Firesand (EU) and found most of the towns becoming “ghost towns” because of the low population. So after a bit of a nudge from a friend, I transferred to the US RP-PVP server, Sunrest, and have been enjoying the game ever since. Trion is also allowing free server transfers starting from patch 1.3 so that should fix the population issues a bit. I hope.

Also, why do Defiants suck in PVP? There was a time we were winning 6 games straight in Codex but after that the next 15 or so matches were all losses. Kinda hard completing PVP quests when that happens. Darn.

I'm in your kitchen, stealing all your food, er, kills.

Well, that’s it for Rift. If anyone wants to try it out, here’s a link that can help me out as well.