First Post in Saudi Arabia

So after leaving the company I’ve been working with for a couple of years, I was offered a job in Saudi Arabia as the editor for one of the biggest Architectural and Engineering Consultancy Firms in the kingdom. A lot of people say I’m lucky for landing in one of the best companies in the Middle East but since it’s my first time working abroad, I don’t know if that’s true or not.

Anyway, after 4 months, I was able to get a CC and immediately assembled a high-end PC. I had to use the card since I’ve been sending money to my mother so she can catch up on her bills. Everything’s planned out, though, so I don’t think I’ll run into trouble with my budget unless something really bad happens.

Intel i7 960, X58-USB3, Radeon HD6950, 2 x 4GB DDR3 RAM

Unassembled. I can't believe I was able to fit all of these in the car. The tower case is HUGE.

As usual, I ran into a bit of a hassle when I found out that the graphics card I bought doesn’t have a D-Sub connection…and my monitor (temporary, I’m hooking this to a LED TV in a few months) requires that, nothing else. It took me a week before I was able to find a DVI-I to VGA adapter.

The first game I bought was Fallout: New Vegas. I didn’t really pay any attention to it after my experience with Fallout 3 (it’s not bad… it just… doesn’t seem like a true Fallout game). I was pleasantly surprised though. The game should have been the “numbered” Fallout game not Fallout 3. Next, I got Crysis (planning to get Crysis Warhead and 2 later on). I was able to play it with max settings. Nice.

Then I got Internet. What does it mean? Yeah, online games (not Facebook!). Which game did I test out first? Granado Espada. There’s just something about the damn game that just makes me want to login, find a nice spot in a dungeon, then auto-attack. Problem is, my connection sucks with IAHGames. 8Mbps and I get nasty lag while playing. Ah well. At least my connection is good with Aeria Games (tested on DOMO). Eden Eternal and Megaten, here I come!


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