Soho The Wind

I’ve replaced my main character (Reginald) a lot of times over the months I’ve been playing Granado Espada. I just couldn’t choose what character to use for my team so I’ve switching from all the stock classes (Fighter, Musketeer, Scout, Wizard, Elementalist) and RNPCs (Coimbra Trooper and Soho). I consider the elementalist I just recently leveled to veteran as “version 9” since he’s the ninth and latest incarnation of my main.

Now, after using Soho for a bit (he was actually the one I kept before I temporarily left GE), I was hoping to get Soho the Wind since he has an extra stance and a rare RNPC. I’ve bought a few My Bellem’s Boxes recently just for the Adelina’s Booty Search promo in hopes that I can get one. After getting two of them (100 searches each plus 10 for the GVC topup included in package), all I got were level 52 elites and a bunch of other crap. I was disappointed but I simply thought that I was gambling to get one so no hard feelings for losing. I recently bought 2 more just for the fun of it and imagine my surprise when I finally got one. Had I gotten the Adelina the Pirate card instead, I would have given it to Peakstar who’s a good friend of mine. Well, this really made my day (well, as a bonus, I met with my girlfriend earlier so I’m pretty happy about it too) after all the hassle I went through while traveling this morning.


Yep, that’s me right there. Nobreza.