Finally! An Update!


So yeah. I got pretty much bored here in the office so I decided to make a post.

Well, what have I been up to since the last update? After the job at Telus/EA games, I worked as a writer/blogger under different personae. It was a home-based job so I didn’t have to commute to the office and back. It was fun while it lasted but alas, I had to leave and work at another company.

I’m currently working as a content writer for Hobble Creek Trading and I’m still trying to adapt to the new job. Unlike the previous job, I commute from Makati to Alabang and back. Tough. I had communication trouble with my boss (who’s also the owner of the company, by the way) as well as trouble with attendance but thankfully everything’s going to go smoothly from here on.

Oh yeah, games. This blog IS about games, right? Yeah, yeah.

Where to start?

OK. Well after playing DOMO (see previous post), I jumped to different MMOs for a while – even going as far as playing Ragnarok Online again (gasp!). There were a couple of games that I remember I enjoyed playing: World of Warcraft, Granado Espada, and Final Fantasy XI. My FFXI account is still active since I’m breeding a chocobo. It has yellow feathers with red ends and is around 30+ days already with Discernment and Receptivity at “Impressive”.

I named it Noble Sun. Weird name.

Anyway, I stopped leveling for a while and just login to check the chocobo and the “garden” in the mog house. I’m currently playing Asda Story and I’m currently “grinding” actions to get as many titles as I can.

I also recently reinstalled Granado Espada and planning to have my family name changed. The return of the old serif font messed up a lot of names that used ASCII characters for spaces – including MY family name. The server merge also caused my family name to get a “_1” since I had created families in all previously existing servers. Aaanyway, I’ll have that fixed this weekend.

Hmm…only a few sentences to cover what transpired in 10 months? Bah! I’ll go write something when I remember something good enough to write. Meanwhile, here’s a pic of Reginald the Scholar.