Getting to Veteran level and Faction Quest

So much for weekly updates. =/

Anyway, after getting Claire, the next task we had was to get our characters to veteran level and create a faction. When Rinderfon got a free Forgotten Territory pass from Soho’s quest, he tried leveling in Torsche’s Mansion annex and found the area great for leveling. I suggested getting a combat manual – expert for double experience, which he did. He was so enthusiastic about it that he spent money on the cash shop to get more FT passes and combat manuals and he managed to train to level 100 in a few (2 or 3) days. We followed suit and now three of us were at veteran with Aleksandrov nearing that goal. Currently, the ones at veteran level are Rinderfon’s Grace, Rin’s Claire, my elementalist (Reginald v.9), my Calyce (Vampy), my Mi Karjalainen (Mika), Peakstar’s Grace, Adelina, and scout. Rinderfon’s scout (Alexander) is at 100.

It was also part of our plan to create a faction as soon as one of us got to 100 but we decided to create it earlier so we can use the faction chat for convenience. I asked Rinderfon to create one as he had been guild leader in most of the games that we’ve played together (also so he’ll be the one to treat us to pizza as our tradition goes…just kidding, I’m the working guy in the group so I get to treat them to pizza). We named the faction Scarlet since Scarlet Nightmare wouldn’t fit with the character limit. The faction has only 10 members at the moment but we’re expecting a few more members shortly.

    Scarlet Faction Members:

    Rinderfon (Faction Leader)
    Nobreza (Deputy)
    Peakstar (Deputy)

I asked Rinderfon to level the faction to 50 (by paying the faction NPC) and he did. After a bit of research, we’ve decided to do the faction quest to get it up to 51 and receive some bonuses like additional family level and another deputy slot.

The first task was to defeat the Great Hill Giant in Vegas Javier. Four of us were available (actually 5 but Alex was indulging in self pity around that time…oh come on Alex, you know it’s true *laughs*), so we quickly assembled and Rin summoned the giant. Cryfelt’s Catherine RNPCs weren’t really suitable for the job because of the Hill Giant’s earthquake so he swapped to his musketeers midway during the fight. We just kept pounding at it with Rin’s Claire doing the tanking and 2 scouts (Rin’s and Peakstar’s) doing the healing and resurrection. The giant fell in a few minutes.

The next task (and the hardest) was to go through Prison de Joaquin and enter the portal to a raid dungeon and defeat Chrysalis. This task took us around five or six tries since we couldn’t get the timing right. There were also times that Cryfelt’s Catherine NPCs got wiped out. After taking a break, we tried it again and managed to clear the room with the revolving blades. After the mobs were cleared, I was expecting the warp to Chrysalis open but I was surprised to see Dr. Fran Moth Mothtein hitting my elementalist. His AoE attacks were a real pain but it didn’t take us too long to take him down. We immediately passed through the portal that opened and headed for the final boss of the dungeon.


Chrysalis was huge and intimidating. His attacks also covered a wide area and hits everything around him. This made Catherine useless as her dolls would simply get wiped out when they got near him. I sent my elementalist in to check how much damage Chrysalis did with normal attacks and his AoE skill but found them…pathetic. I sent my whole team in (Elementalist, Calyce, and Karjalainen) and pounded him with Absolute Zero and Calyce’s Dark Judgment. Rin sent in Claire to do damage with her great sword but kept Grace outside of its range and set her to use Kneeling Shot. The scouts and other people in the team stayed outside and waited to resurrect anybody who died (which rarely happened, my team did not even die once). It took us around 20 minutes to take it down and it felt nice to watch it fall dead. With only 5 families finishing the quest, it was the best victory we’ve had in a long while.