Dream of Mirror Online

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Dream of Mirror Online (DOMO)


DOMO is a 3D, cel-shaded MMORPG that is based on a Chinese setting. Unlike most MMORPGs, the game features a multi-class system wherein you can change into different classes at will and then use the skills you learned from that particular class on a different one. Similar to Ragnarok Online 2 but better since there are no restrictions on what skills you can carry over as long as you meet the requirements to cast a particular spell/skill (weapon, MP, level, etc…). Like most Chinese-based MMORPGs, flying is also part of the gameplay.


*Humans – Your average humans. The most diversed and well-balance among all the races.
*Shura – Aggressive ethnic group. They put emphasis on strength and power.
*Sylph – Gentle and wise, but proud and arrogant. They prefer spirituality and discourage violence.
*Sprites – Small and quick. Modest and dedicated to service.



Citizen – Uses clothing and can use batons at higher levels. No offensive skills but the “life” skills are a must if you have any intention of surviving in the game. The life skills are used for gathering materials, which you could sell to other players for funds.

Blademaster – Uses Light Armor and Swords. Good soloers. Best for 1-on-1 situations. Most skills do high damage but those skills usually have the drawback of reducing the weapon’s durability.

Doctor – Uses Robes and Syringes. One of the most important class in a party situation. Like their namesake, they heal and revive people. Not much on offensive skills so requires a party for levelling.

Hunter – Bow-users. They are adept at aiming for an opponent’s weakness. Good soloers.

Martial Artists – Uses either Gloves or Staves. Close-combat specialists with high Hit Points. Good soloers.

Mercenary – Uses Heavy Armor and wields either an Axe or a Spear. Axe-wielders are good soloers while Spear-types are best in a party. High defense but slow attack speed.

Musician – Uses Musical Instruments (why isn’t that obvious?) and wears Dancer’s Costume. The class that specializes in buffs and the only class that can heal and buff pets. Good soloers when using pets but best for party situations.

Shaman – Uses Robes and Wands. Adept at Nature or Seasonal Magic, meaning they are able to use different elements to adapt to different situations. Unlike wizards, they do not need scrolls but use up a lot of MP for their spells.

Thief – Uses Knives. They are your stereotypical thieves – they pilfer, vanish from sight, and have very good evasion.

Wizard – Uses Robes and Wands. The first skill set “Scrollcasting” requires a number of scrolls per spell. Good thing is the damage is very good. Bad thing is, it would cost a bit. They learn AoE spells very early and is so far one of the best class for AoE.

Not yet Implemented:

Witch Doctor


Let me explain a bit how it works. Every class has its own experience, level, and skillpoints. You can change classes at any time as long as you meet the requirements for it. After levelling to 10 as a Commoner, you can do the qualification quests for the different job classes.

After learning skills from a certain skillset, say for example Blademaster Martyr Skillset, you may move that skillset to another class when you change jobs. All jobs have 2 extra “active” skillsets, 2 “passive” skillsets, and 1 “counter” skillset aside from the default skillset that the job has. At the moment, no counter skillsets are available.

Example: I levelled a thief to 30 and got the Knife Mastery and Equip Knife skills from the “Thieving Skills” Skillset. I also learned the AoE skills Swallow Strike and Whirling Dervish from the “Close Combat” Skillset. I then changed to a Hunter and put “Close Combat” in one of the Active Skillset slots and “Thieving Skills” in one of the Passive Skillset slots. I now have a Hunter who can wield knives, cast swallow strike and whirling dervish. Yes, just like Final Fantasy Tactics.


There are different types of relationships: Friends, Lovers, Rivals, and Teacher/Student. Each type of relationship have skills that trigger after meeting certain requirements (like relationship level, current HP, luck in love, etc…). Also, depending on the level of the relationship, you get bonus exp while in a party with the other person.

Often times you’ll hear the sound of your heart beating, this means that someone “linked” to you is nearby. When you get near that person, a red line that “connects” you will appear. It is called the “Thread of Fate” and the other person could either be a long lost relative, your true love, or a rival (in this case, the thread will connect your ankles instead of the neck). Threads of Fate will only appear between opposite genders, although rivals or relatives can also be among the same gender (like Anzelotte [Rin] and Kaeko [Aeds] – Rivals).

Friendship Skill – Helping Hand
Egie and Anzelotte

Life Skill – Forestry
Cute Sprite

Thief’s Close Combat Skill – Control Breathing