Granado Espada – Getting Claire


Getting Claire isn’t easy unless you have a lot of patience. The quest itself is pretty simple as long as you already have Claude Baudez and an elemental jewel (purchasable from the item dealer for 10 million Vis). The first few steps involve a lot of talking to different NPCs like Jose, who you have to give an avocado sandwich and later get the option of paying either 500,000 Vis and 50 Family Reputation points or killing 3 Escudo Pechers in an instanced quest; Vicente Rio, Emilia Gulliano, and the Reboldeux Investigating Team.

Now here comes the hard part, getting 2 unknown ores. Unknown ores are quest items that go directly to your quest inventory after killing Elite Storm Cockatrice in Bonavista River. Sounds easy? Although some people have been able to complete it in a short time, others take weeks to get it. So what’s so hard about killing the Elite Cockatrice? First, the spawn rate seems to be one every 10 minutes or so. Second, even if you do find it and kill it, it doesn’t guarantee you getting the quest item. The drop rate for it seems pretty low as some of the squad members reported killing 50+ without getting a single ore. Here’s my experience:

Day 1 – I finished the first few parts of the quest up until the unknown ore part. I immediately headed to Bonavista River to kill some birds. At this point, I wasn’t sure whether the Giant Cockatrice or the Elite Storm Cockatrice dropped it. I tried killing the Giant Cockatrice but my party was wiped out from it and the mob around the place. I went back for another try and encountered a squad positioned around F4 – H4 of the map. They invited me out of the blue so I accepted and stayed on the northeastern area. I managed to kill the Elite Storm Cockatrice a few times but by the end of the day I didn’t get a single ore.

Day 2 – I positioned myself in the middle of G4 so Calyce (who I just got) wouldn’t get attacked. Rinderfon joined the squad since he was hoping to get Claire as well. That was when I discovered how long the other squad members have been staying in the area. Two were on their 15th day while some of the others were hunting for only a few days. After killing an Elite Cockatrice who was outside the range of our riflemen, Saprious got an ore. This prompted me to take a few tests.

Day 3 – I took Andre’s white feather quest that also involves killing cockatrice. I moved around the area to test the maximum distance for getting quest items from squad members. Unlike previous claims made by other squad members, the test seems to show that you have to see both the monster and the squad member who killed it on screen to get a quest item. When I’m close but can only see the squad member on the map, I don’t seem to be getting anything. This prompted me to stay in the middle of the squad so I can see most of what they are killing. I got an ore while taking a nap. Three squad members were able to finish the quest while a few of us simply gave up.

Day 4 – Monday, I didn’t play much after I got back from work and instead bought 3 barracks slots and opened a lot of Bellem’s boxes. I spent the day selling junk, turning equipment with options into enchantment chips, and selling stuff.

Day 5 – It was a Tuesday, I had to leave early so I left GE running while I go off to work. As usual, I was positioned in the middle of G4. I sent Rinderfon a message to protect my family (Nobreza) and revive anyone who dies. When I got back home later that day, there was an emergency maintenance but GE was still running (although disconnected). I checked the ore count and it was 2 of 2. I’m done! I finished the quest as soon as the server got back up and created Claire’s character, replacing Idge in the barracks.


11 thoughts on “Granado Espada – Getting Claire

  1. Claire – the faptastic loli.. MMMMMM~ *drool*

    …okay, just kidding.

    Fortunately for us, we got to finish Claire’s quest in 5 days. Others took thrice the time we had while some got the ores in.. a matter of hours. Lucky them, they need to die and get skewered a couple of times in huge nails filled with rust and salt. Haha, kidding. I guess the squad members whom we left there felt the same for us.

    Claire is not only an eye candy but she has a few good points as well. (Look at GE sites to see why)
    Anyway, I’m enjoying her in my party because of her ability to use either a great sword or a cannon (with a normal attack). AoE with cannons, 1-on-1s with the great sword.

    Loli Smash + Clumsy Moves + Tsundere Character + Shana/Louise/Taiga/etc voice = instant win

  2. Thx for ur report but i still hv a few questions.

    So the Giant Cockatrice or the Elite Storm Cockatrice will drop unknown ore?

    The unknown ore will drop on the ground or auto get in inventory ?

  3. omg 5 days im only 63 and i kill that purple parrots… i dont need killl this mob so i need kill the elite lol anyway time to leave afk the squad

  4. Reginald the Elites don’t spawn every 10 min, they are spawn by the number on normal mobs killed in that the fastest way is to get 3 char with massive AOE, like 3 elem or anything range char with AOE. and you have to walk from end to end of the map to find 2 elite per map. SO to the solution to complete this quest is to kill all the mobs you can see and dont afk hunt. tested with a few firends and all of us got the ore in less then 1day.

  5. Thanks for the comment.

    It seems you are correct. I did run into two elites while moving from one end to another and killing everything in sight. The most likely reason for the 10 minute respawn is because the squad AFKed in only one part of the map (north).

  6. Extremely great guide! I got claire in 30 min!?!?! Just killing anything on my path while walking up and down the map to where the elite spawns! Thank!

  7. I tried to play this before.. way back.. My friends can’t stop talking about this being released in steam, so I guess i’m going to play it again.

    • Foh real? GE is now available in steam? Well, then goodbye social life, i’ll be spending all my days playing again huehuehue

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