Return to Granado Espada

Since I loved Granado Espada when I first played it, I’ve always wanted to come back and play again. I got the chance to do so when a friend went back to playing GE because his school friends wanted to play it as well. Taking a break from Asda Story, I downloaded the 7 part installer and reinstalled the game.

Excited, I checked the updates to see what I’ve missed. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there were new RNPCs available, with one who I’ve never seen before. Her name is Claire. No, we don’t need to spend money on the cash shop or like half a billion Vis to get her. No, we don’t need to be at a really high level to do her quest (unless you think 65 is already high leveled). Yes, her quest is frustrating – a lot more than getting Viki.

There were also other updates like a new currency (Peso or Feso), socketing, and pets. I haven’t really gotten into any of those so I’ll probably mention them in future updates.

Ooookay, so as soon as I logged on, I found my family name changed to Noble[]Legaspi_1. Great, now I have to do something about that. I bought 18000 electronic game card credits for GE from Gameshop (cost me around S$24.90 or around P820) and topped up for gpoints. I used 11000 to have my family name changed to Nobreza, which is Portuguese for noble (my middle name) or nobility I think, and the rest were used to buy 31 pieces of mystery powders.

Adelina’s bounty search was fun. I was hoping to get Soho the Wind, but the best I was able to get was a recipe for an Elite Dragon Coat which I sold for 350M (cheap!). Then I bought 19 more mystery powders from the market manager, bringing the total to 50. Time to get Calyce.

Calyce’s quest was easy. Went to Port of Coimbra, and talked to her and the bodyguards. It triggered an instanced quest where the goal is to protect the princess Gabriella (who’s really hawt by the way…damn that cleavage…). Easy, I just hid and let the NPCs handle the situation (Gabriella, I think is invincible). I got disconnected before the quest was finished but as soon as I logged on, the bodyguard already asked for 50 mystery powders so I believe the first one was successful regardless of the disconnection. I gave the mystery powders, talked to Gabriella in Cite de Reboldeux, went back to Calyce and finally got her card. I deleted my scout to make room for her character and named her after a “close friend”.

Next project was to get Claire. At this time of writing, I already got her but the quest was long, boring, and a bit frustrating. I’ll detail the incident on my next post, which should come shortly if I find time to do so here in the office.


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