Scarlet Cross finally moves!

Well, in my last entry, only Marisa and I were playing Philippine R.O.S.E. Online and Rin was still downloading the installer. Now, we have more members in our ranks. The following list contains only the main characters:

Sublimity – Level 59 Dealer (Marisa’s artisan-to-be who has been made the guild master instead of Karine.)
Etheldreda – Level 65 Katar Hawker, going Raider
Reginald (spelled ReginaId) – Level 70 Fire/Wind Muse, going Mage
Juusan – Level 64 Soldier, going Champion
Riemshianne – Level 64 Muse, going Cleric
Shurelia – Level 22 Dealer
Nineveh – Level (something, I forgot) Muse
Chudii – Level 30 Soldier

I’ll post a few pics next time to show the roster – probably when in our second jobs.

There are a few more people who are interested in moving to R.O.S.E, namely: Uruha, IC Deadpipol, and Jade. Yay!

Oh, and somebody’s about to get eaten (Juusan).

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One thought on “Scarlet Cross finally moves!

  1. Hello Grad!

    Is everyone really going to transfer? @_@ I could try playing pROSE; I’ll inform you guys if I create a character. =P

    – Willette

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